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The Ultimate Guide to Baseball Radar Guns: Choosing the Right Device for Improving Your Performance

Introduction to Baseball Radar Guns

Baseball is a sport loved by millions of people all around the world. It’s a game of skill, strategy, and physical ability, where athletes compete against each other to come out on top.

One crucial aspect of baseball that often goes unnoticed is the role played by radar guns. Radar guns are devices that measure the speed of a baseball in flight and are used to evaluate the pitching performance of a player.

Importance of Radar Guns in Baseball

Radar guns play a vital role in baseball by measuring the speed of a pitch as it leaves the pitcher’s hand and crosses home plate. It provides valuable information to coaches and scouts, allowing them to analyze a player’s performance and make informed decisions about their future in baseball.

The use of radar guns helps coaches to pinpoint areas where players need to improve their performance. They can help players to understand the importance of speed control, accuracy, and ball movement.

Coaches can also use the data recorded by radar guns to help players develop strategies to compete against specific teams or players.

Types of Radar Guns and Brands

There are two types of radar guns used in baseball: handheld and mounted. Handheld radar guns are the most commonly used devices and are held by an operator who points the radar gun at the ball as it is thrown.

Mounted radar guns are installed on an observation platform and measure the speed of the ball as it crosses home plate. When it comes to choosing a radar gun, there are several brands to consider.

The most popular brands include

Pocket Radar,

Bushnell, and PRIMED. Each company offers a range of radar guns to suit different needs, varying in price, accuracy, and features.

Measuring Pitch Speed

Pitch speed is one of the most important factors in baseball, and radar guns are the best way to measure it. A pitcher’s ability to throw a fast pitch is essential, but it’s not the only factor that’s considered.

Pitchers also need to be accurate, have good control of their pitches, be able to change their speeds and have excellent ball movement. Measuring pitch speed is simple.

The operator points the radar gun at the ball from behind home plate and triggers the device as the ball is thrown. The radar gun then measures the ball’s speed in miles per hour, providing valuable information for coaches and players.

Measuring Other Factors with Radar Guns

Aside from pitch speed, radar guns can also measure other important factors in baseball. Exit velocity, for example, is a measure of a player’s batting power.

It measures the speed of the ball as it leaves the bat and can influence how far it travels. Radar guns can also be used to evaluate the performance of position players, not just pitchers.

These players need to have excellent throwing accuracy, speed, and reaction time to succeed. Radar guns can be used to measure these factors in real-time, allowing coaches to analyze the player’s performance and make informed decisions about their future.


Radar guns are essential tools in baseball. They provide coaches and players with valuable information that can help improve their performance and make informed decisions about their future.

Handheld and mounted radar guns are the most commonly used types, with

Pocket Radar,

Bushnell, and PRIMED being the most popular brands. Pitch speed is the primary factor measured by radar guns, but they can also be used to measure exit velocity and evaluate the performance of position players.

By utilizing radar guns, players and coaches can improve their performance and succeed in their baseball careers.

Considerations When Choosing a Radar Gun

Radar guns are essential tools in baseball for measuring the speed of pitches and evaluating a player’s performance. With so many types and brands of radar guns on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one to choose.

In this section, we’ll discuss the different factors to consider when selecting a radar gun.

Type of Radar Device

There are two types of radar guns available for baseball: mounted and handheld. Mounted radar guns are stationary devices that are mounted on an observation platform, while handheld radar guns are devices that can be carried around by an operator.

Mounted radar guns are often used by professional teams and stadiums and provide a high level of accuracy because of their stability. The operator does not need to hold the device, which eliminates any potential user error.

Additionally, the data gathered can be viewed remotely, which makes it easy to record and analyze. However, mounted radar guns are expensive, heavy, and require a stable platform for installation.

They are typically found in the dugout or behind home plate. Handheld radar guns, on the other hand, are portable and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for individuals and amateur teams.

They are also less expensive but may have slightly lower accuracy due to user error. Handheld radar guns can vary in size and shape, but they are typically small and can be held with one hand.

However, they can be sensitive to external factors like wind and sunlight, which could affect the accuracy of the data recorded.

Budget and Level of Baseball

When selecting a radar gun, the budget is an important consideration. Radar guns range in price, with handheld devices typically less expensive than mounted guns.

Determine the affordability and consider the price of maintenance, replacement parts, and future repairs. The level of baseball being played is also an important consideration.

Professional teams have higher expectations regarding accuracy, reliability, and durability. For example, professionals may require a mounted device as opposed to a handheld device because of its higher accuracy and reliability.

Consider the frequency of usage is also important. A device used for daily coaching sessions should have a high level of durability, portability, and battery life to avoid disruptions in training.

In contrast, a radar gun used occasionally may not require such features.

Types of Radar Guns

Mounted Radar Gun

Mounted radar guns are device types that require physical attachment to a stable platform, making them the most stable type of radar gun. These devices are typically used in professional baseball games and can be positioned behind home plate, the backstop, or outfield fence to obtain accurate readings of pitches’ speeds.

Mounted radar guns have advanced features that make them ideal for use in professional settings. They are capable of tracking metrics such as trajectory, spin rate, and even the direction of the ball.

The high level of accuracy provided by mounted radar guns is incredibly valuable for teams and coaches to evaluate game performance. They are also useful in developing and improving individual player skillsets.

Handheld Radar Gun

Handheld radar guns are portable devices, making them ideal for personal use, amateur teams, and coaches. They are easy to use, making them an excellent tool for training and evaluating technique.

Handheld radar guns are lightweight, making them easy to carry around. They have an accurate measurement of the ball’s speed and are perfect for home practice sessions.

They can also be used to measure other factors such as exit velocity, making them ideal for coaches to evaluate player progress in real-time. In conclusion, selecting the appropriate radar gun depends significantly on the user’s budget, level, and frequency of use.

Additionally, both handheld and mounted radar guns have unique features desirable to different kinds of players, teams, and coaches. Ultimately, the decision of which device to use should take into account the needs of the team and individual player requirements.

Brands of Baseball Radar Guns

When it comes to selecting a baseball radar gun, different brands offer varying features, price points, and levels of accuracy. This section will review and analyze three of the most popular brands:

Pocket Radar,

Bushnell, and PRIMED.

Pocket Radar

Pocket radar guns are known for being small, user-friendly, and easy to carry around.

Pocket Radar offers a range of radar guns, including the Ball Coach, which is popular amongst coaches and players alike.

It can be used in both baseball and softball games, making it a versatile tool. The Ball Coach features an automatic trigger that activates the device as soon as the ball is in motion.

Additionally, its constant on-mode ensures it is always ready to record, even in low light conditions, which means youll never miss an accurate measurement. The Ball Coach’s accuracy is within one mile per hour of other high-end radar guns, which is impressive considering its small size.

Convenience is a key feature of the

Pocket Radar, as it can fit easily in a pocket or attach to a camera tripod.

Pocket Radar also offers various mounts for those requiring further stability.


Bushnell is another well-known brand in the baseball radar gun industry, and their products have a reputation for providing accurate speed readings. The

Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun has a large LCD display that indicates speed and can be easily read in bright sunlight.

It also has a compact size, which makes it easy to transport. The

Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun has a range of detection of up to 90 feet, making it suitable for both baseball and softball games, and it is capable of measuring speeds up to 110 mph.

Its versatility and accuracy have made it a popular choice amongst coaches and players alike.


PRIMED is a brand of baseball radar guns that has quickly made a name for itself for its high-speed tracking and pitch speed storage. Its products are used extensively by coaches, scouts, and players to monitor pitching performance.

The PRIMED Radar Gun is capable of recording speeds up to 200 mph, which means it can measure the speed of even the fastest baseball pitches. It also includes a voice notification system that lets the user know when the ball’s speed has been recorded, making it easy to time each pitch.

Additionally, PRIMED radar guns offer the ability to record pitch speed, which can be useful for both players and coaches in training sessions. The device is also equipped with a pitch speed storage feature, which allows coaches to track an individual’s progress over time.


Choosing the right brand of baseball radar gun can make a significant impact on the game and performance of coaches, scouts, and players alike. Popular brands like

Pocket Radar,

Bushnell, and PRIMED offer various features and price points to suit individual needs, budgets, and preferences.

Ultimately, the appropriate brand selection depends on the user’s intended usage, required accuracy level, and additional features to enhance recording data analysis. By choosing the right brand, coaches, scouts, and players can ensure that they are investing in a high-quality tool that will improve their performance.

In conclusion, baseball radar guns are essential tools in evaluating players’ performance and improving their skills. Choosing the right device depends on various factors, including budget, level of play, and desired features like accuracy, stability, and portability.

Pocket Radar,

Bushnell, and PRIMED are popular brands that offer unique features to meet individual needs, making them ideal for different games and training sessions. Ultimately, selecting the right radar gun enhances a player’s training, performance, and evaluation of progress over time.


1. What is a baseball radar gun?

A baseball radar gun is a device that measures the speed of a baseball pitch as it leaves the pitcher’s hand and crosses over the home plate. 2.

What are the types of radar guns? There are two types of radar guns: mounted and handheld.

3. What are some factors to consider when choosing a radar gun?

Factors to consider include the budget, level of play, the frequency of use, and the type of radar gun. 4.

What are some popular brands of baseball radar guns?

Pocket Radar,

Bushnell, and PRIMED are some popular brands of baseball radar guns. 5.

Why are baseball radar guns important? Baseball radar guns provide athletes, coaches, and scouts with valuable information that helps evaluate a player’s performance, improve their skills, and make informed decisions about their future in baseball.

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