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Mastering Waivers: The Key to Success in Fantasy Sports

Welcome to the world of fantasy sports, where being at the top of the leaderboard is what everyone strives for. In this article, we will delve into an important aspect of fantasy sports – waivers and how they work.

Whether you are an over-enthusiastic newbie or a seasoned fantasy sports veteran, it is important to understand the concept of waivers and the advantages they offer.

Waiver Order and How It Works

The waiver order determines the priority in which teams can claim players who are not currently on their roster. It is essential to have a solid understanding of how the waiver order functions as it can make or break your fantasy team.

There are two types of waiver orders; the first being “Move to last; never reset,” wherein the team with the highest priority on the waiver order is moved to the last spot, and everyone else moves up one spot. This resetting of the waiver order happens whenever someone claims a player.

This method ensures that each team gets their chance to acquire a player from waivers. The second type of waiver order is the “Inverse standings,” which means that the team with the lowest score has the highest priority in claiming a player.

This method is preferred in professional leagues and generally resets every week, ensuring that every team gets a fair chance.

Importance of Waiver Order

Having the highest priority in the waiver order may seem like a small matter, but it can make a world of difference in fantasy sports. It gives you an advantage in acquiring players who are hot in the current week.

Missing out on a player due to insufficient priority can result in a significant setback for the team.

Length of Waivers Period

Typically, the waivers period lasts for two to three days, allowing all participating teams to file their claims. After that, the players are awarded to the highest-priority team.

If a player is unclaimed, they become a free agent and can be picked up at any time by any team.

Claiming Multiple Players Off Waivers

It’s possible to claim multiple players off waivers, but it’s difficult, especially with highly desirable players. The process of multiple claims involves separate waiver processes, which can make it challenging to acquire multiple players from the waiver wire.

It is always recommended to prioritize the acquisition of the most necessary players first and then try for others.


In conclusion, understanding how waiver orders work and their importance in fantasy sports is crucial. Knowing how to optimize the advantage and timing of the waiver process is an essential skill for anyone serious about winning.

The length of the waiver period and claiming multiple players are also significant factors to consider. By mastering the waiver system, teams can build a solid foundation that puts them ahead of their competitors.

3) Waiver Acquisition in Fantasy Sports

In fantasy sports, the waiver wire is a mechanism by which undrafted or dropped players become available to teams. It is important to remember that not all players who are available on waivers are of equal value.

The ability to analyze player performances and predict future performance is the key to making effective waiver moves.

Players on Waivers

Players can end up on waivers for several reasons. Team managers might decide to drop a player who is underperforming or if their team has too many players in a specific position.

However, most players on waivers are those who were not drafted during the draft process. These players on waivers could still be valuable and have the potential to perform well, making them a valuable acquisition for your team.

Use of Waiver Order

The waiver order acts as a tiebreaker when multiple teams put in a claim for the same player. Feasibly, this means that if multiple teams place a claim on the same player, the team with the higher waiver priority will have the first opportunity to acquire that player.

Hence, teams typically have to spend their priority wisely, especially if multiple valuable players are available on the waiver wire. Moreover, it is important to understand that the waiver priority is a precious commodity and should be used wisely.

The ability to acquire players from the waiver wire can provide a substantial boost to your team. Hence, save your priority for acquiring players that can provide you the most significant impact on your team’s performance.

4) Variation in Waivers Period

The duration of the waivers period can vary based on the league and website you’re using. For instance, some websites allow you to customize the waivers period and set it to as little as one day or as long as seven days.

Meanwhile, most fantasy leagues use a standard waivers period, which typically lasts for two to three days. Regardless of the variation in waivers period, it is important to understand the impact it can have on your fantasy team.

The duration of the waivers period can determine how quickly you’re able to acquire the players you need. Shorter waivers periods provide more opportunities for acquiring valuable players, while longer waivers periods result in a more competitive environment, where teams have to use their priority more wisely.

It is essential to consider the waivers period and plan waiver acquisitions based on the timeline and availability of the players. If you want to acquire a player who is hot and in-demand, you’re likely to face more competition during the waivers period.


In conclusion, the waiver wire can be the key to success for any fantasy sports team. Understanding how the waiver wire works and the importance of waiver priority can greatly increase your chances of acquiring the necessary players.

Players who are available on waivers can still be valuable assets. But, your ability to predict future performance is essential when claiming players from waiver wires.

Even with variations in waivers period, knowing the timeline and availability of players can be critical in making the most out of player acquisitions through waivers. In summary, the article explains the concept of waivers in fantasy sports and the importance of waiver priority and acquiring players.

It covers the two types of waiver orders, the duration of waivers period, and the variation of waivers period in different leagues and websites. The article emphasizes the significance of leveraging the waivers to build a solid fantasy team, acquire the valuable players, and optimize the waiver priority.

To sum up, mastering waivers’ import and the process can be a crucial factor in winning any fantasy sports league.


Q: What is the purpose of the waiver wire in fantasy sports?

A: The waiver wire is a mechanism by which undrafted or dropped players become available to teams, providing an opportunity for teams to improve their roster. Q: How does the waiver order work?

A: The waiver order determines the priority in which teams can claim players who are not currently on their roster, with the team with the higher waiver priority getting the first opportunity to claim a player. Q: How long does the waivers period last?

A: The waivers period lasts for two to three days in most leagues, although it may vary depending on the league and website you’re using. Q: What can I do to optimize my waiver priority?

A: Focus on acquiring valuable players who can provide a significant impact on your team’s performance and save your priority for such acquisitions. Q: Why is it essential to understand waivers’ import and process?

A: Mastering waivers’ concepts and process can make or break a fantasy team, providing an edge over other teams and increasing the chances of winning a league.

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