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Lessons in Bravery and Life: Insights from Mickey Mantle’s Quotes

Mickey Mantle was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He was known for hitting long home runs and for his incredible natural ability.

Mantle was born in Spavinaw, Oklahoma, on October 20, 1931. His father, Elvin Charles Mantle, was a lead miner who loved baseball.

Mickey’s father taught him how to play the game and passed on his love for the sport. Mickey Mantle’s Famous Quotes

Mickey Mantle was known for his funny and insightful quotes.

In this section, we will look at some of the most famous quotes from Mantle.

Funny Quotes

One of Mantle’s most famous quotes was his response to being asked if he had ever faced Dean Chance. Chance was a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins who had a unique throwing motion.

Mantle responded, “Yes, and he threw me a screwball that went foul.” Mantle was also known for his sense of humor. When asked about the boos he received on the road, he said, “I always thought when I got booed on the road, it was because they wanted to see me hit a home run.” Mantle was also known for his ability to hit singles.

When asked about his preference for home runs or singles, he responded, “It’s amazing how many guys want to be heroes but aren’t willing to get dressed up and stand on the corner.” Finally, Mantle once said, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

Best Quotes

Mantle had many insightful quotes during his career. One of his most famous quotes was about his natural ability.

He said, “I didn’t know much about natural ability. I thought everyone had it.

I couldn’t understand why someone would work as hard as they did.” Mantle also spoke about the pain he endured during his career. He said, “I remember one time my legs were hurting so bad, I thought I was going to have to quit.

But then I thought about all the times I had hit a baseball and how much fun it was, and I kept going.” Mantle also spoke about his longevity in the game. He said, “I’m proud of my career stats.

But I really believe that I could have accomplished a lot more if I hadn’t been injured so much.” Finally, Mantle spoke about taking a fork in the road. He said, “I owe everything to baseball.

Without it, my life would have been a lot different. I’m grateful for the way things turned out.”

Mickey Mantle on Baseball

Mantle loved baseball and had many insightful comments about the game. In this section, we will look at some of his most famous quotes about baseball.

Love for Baseball

Mantle loved baseball and believed it was a way of life. He said, “Baseball is more than a game.

It’s life. It’s everything wrapped up in one.

It teaches you how to win and how to lose. It teaches you how to live.” Mantle also believed that baseball was a fun game that should be enjoyed.

He said, “Baseball is fun. It’s a game.

At the same time, it’s a serious business and you have to take it seriously.” Finally, Mantle believed that God had a hand in baseball. He said, “God made baseball.

It’s a part of the universe. It’s a part of life.

Baseball is the greatest game in the world.”

Baseball Quotes

Mantle had many insightful comments about baseball. He spoke about the joy he felt when he was playing.

He said, “I loved running the bases. I loved sliding into second.

I loved playing for Army. I loved playing for the Yankees.” Mantle also spoke about the importance of knowledge in baseball.

He said, “Knowledge is the key to everything. You have to know what you’re doing, and you have to know what the other guy is doing.” Mantle was also known for his switch-hitting ability.

He said, “I learned how to switch-hit in the minors. I learned it because I wanted to be like Joe DiMaggio.” Mantle spoke about the 1960 World Series, when the Yankees faced the Pirates.

He said, “It was a tough World Series. We had the M&M boys, but they had pitching.” Mantle also spoke about some of the great players he had faced.

He said, “Hank Aaron was the best hitter I ever saw. Roger Maris was the best baseball player I ever played with.

Ted Williams was the best hitter I ever played against.” Finally, Mantle talked about the importance of hitting. He said, “Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports.

If you can hit a baseball, you can do anything.”

Rivalries in Baseball

Mantle had a great respect for Willie Mays, but there was also a friendly rivalry between the two players. Mantle once said, “I don’t like to compare myself to Willie Mays.

Willie’s a great ballplayer and I’m just a country boy trying to get along.” But Mantle also said, “I never wanted to be as good as Willie. I always wanted to be better than him.” The rivalry between the two players was friendly, but it was also a way of pushing each other to be better.

In conclusion, Mickey Mantle was a great baseball player who loved the game. He was known for his natural ability, his ability to hit home runs, and his sense of humor.

Mantle had many insightful comments about baseball and his love for the sport was evident in everything he did. Whether he was playing for the Yankees or playing for Army, Mantle gave it his all.

His legacy as one of the greatest baseball players of all time will continue to inspire Little Leaguers and baseball fans for generations to come. Mickey Mantle was not only known for his incredible baseball skills, but also for his insightful quotes that offered inspiration and advice to all who listened.

In this article expansion, we will delve deeper into two of his most powerful themes – bravery and life lessons – and explore some of his most memorable quotes.


For Mickey Mantle, bravery was not just an absence of fear. He believed that true bravery was having the courage to face your fears head-on.

Mantle once said, “A team is where a boy can prove his courage on his own. A gang is where a coward goes to hide.” He understood that bravery was about standing up for what you believed in even when it was difficult.

Mantle’s own life was full of moments that demanded bravery. In the 1950s and 60s, he battled addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs.

Mantle spoke candidly about his struggles, stating, “I’ve lost a lot, but I’m still a lucky man. I faced my demons and I beat them.

I lost my father because of alcoholism. I’m lucky I didn’t lose my life.” Mantle knew that bravery meant acknowledging his flaws and taking steps to overcome them.

Life Lessons

Mickey Mantle’s career was filled with ups and downs, but he always saw each challenge as an opportunity to learn. Through his own experiences, he imparted powerful and relevant life lessons to anyone who would listen.

Role Models: Mantle recognized the importance of having strong role models in your life. He once said, “When I was a kid, my favorite hero was Hank Aaron.

I watched him every chance I got. I was in awe.” Mantle believed that seeing greatness in action was essential to becoming great oneself.

Second Chances: Mantle also believed in the power of second chances. He once said, “I tell kids, ‘When you get knocked down, get back up.

Nothing good comes easy.'” Mantle knew that life was not always fair, but that it was always possible to bounce back. Organ Donation: In 1995, Mantle was diagnosed with liver cancer.

He received a liver transplant but ultimately passed away from complications a few months later. In his final days, Mantle used his platform to advocate for organ donation.

He said, “I’m not perfect, but I’d sure like to give my liver to someone who is. God gave me the talent to play baseball.

He also gave me a liver. I think I used the first one pretty well, so I’m hoping to use the second one pretty well, too.”

God-Given Talent: Despite his successes, Mantle never forgot that his talent came from a higher power.

He said, “God gave me the ability to play baseball. What I did with that ability was up to me.” Mantle knew that everyone was given gifts and talents, but it was up to individuals to use them wisely.

Dying: In his final days, Mantle reflected on his life and made a powerful statement about the fragility of life. He said, “I always loved the game, but I never knew how much until now.

Now I realize how much it meant to me. I wish I could do it all over again.” Mantle knew that life was fleeting and it was important to cherish each moment.

In conclusion, Mickey Mantle’s legacy extends far beyond his incredible skills on the baseball field. His insights into bravery, the importance of role models, second chances, organ donation, and the fragility of life continue to be relevant today.

Mantle’s inspiring words remind us to face our fears head-on, to make the most of the gifts we are given, and to always strive for our best selves. His legacy is one of inspiration and perseverance, and we can all learn from his words and his life.

In summary, Mickey Mantle’s quotes on bravery and life lessons continue to inspire and offer valuable insights to all those who listen. Through his own experiences, Mantle taught us that bravery is about facing our fears head-on and that life is full of challenges that can be overcome with perseverance and second chances.

His legacy serves as a reminder to always strive for our best selves and to cherish the precious moments of life.


– What was Mickey Mantle known for besides his baseball career? Mickey Mantle was known for his insightful quotes on bravery, life lessons, and other topics.

– What was Mickey Mantle’s view on bravery? Mickey Mantle believed that true bravery was having the courage to face your fears head-on.

– What life lessons did Mickey Mantle impart? Mickey Mantle emphasized the importance of role models, second chances, organ donation, and recognizing and using one’s God-given talents.

– How did Mickey Mantle reflect on life in his final days? Mickey Mantle reflected on the fragility of life and wished he could do it all over again.

– What is Mickey Mantle’s legacy? Mickey Mantle’s legacy is one of inspiration, perseverance, and the belief that with dedication and second chances, greatness can be achieved.

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