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From Ace to No-No: A Comprehensive Baseball Glossary

Baseball Glossary A To Z

Baseball is a sport that has been around for centuries, and like any established sport, it has its own unique terminology and phrases associated with it. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common terms used in baseball and explain their meanings.



Ace is a team’s best starting pitcher, who is expected to give the team a good chance to win every time they take the mound.


The area between the outfielders, also known as the gap. This is where batted balls can sometimes fall into for extra bases.

Around the Horn

A double play that involves the infielders throwing the ball from third base to second base, then on to first base, in a circular motion around the infield.


A plate appearance by a batter, which can result in a base hit, an out, or a non-sacrifice out.

Backdoor Slider

A pitch that starts outside the strike zone but then “slides” back over the plate for a called strike.


The protective fence behind home plate that stops wild pitches and foul balls.

Bad Hop

A ground ball that unexpectedly takes a hop, making it harder to field cleanly.


A term for a base.


An illegal pitch delivery made by a pitcher, usually during a pickoff attempt, that results in runners advancing.

Baltimore Chop

A ground ball hit in front of home plate that hops over the infielders.


A small ballpark that is easier for batters to hit home runs in.

Bang-Bang Play

A close play that can go either way, often resulting in expressions of excitement or disappointment from the players and fans.

Bases loaded

When there is a runner at first, second, and third base, creating a high-pressure situation for the defense.

Basket Catch

A catch made by the fielder with their glove near their belt, resembling a basket. Batter’s Box

A small rectangular area around home plate where the batter must stand during their at-bat.


The pitcher and catcher on a team.


A pitch that hits the batter in the head, usually thrown intentionally by the pitcher.

Bonus Baby

A young player who has received a huge signing bonus and is joining a professional baseball team.


An offensive play where the batter breaks their bat while making contact with the ball.

Bronx Cheer

The sound of fans booing a player, originating from New York Yankee fans in the Bronx.


A pitch thrown inside to scare the batter, making them move out of the way.

Bush League

A term used to describe a player that behaves or plays in an amateurish way.

Can of Corn

An easily-caught fly ball hit deep into the outfield.

Caught Looking

When a batter fails to swing at a pitch and takes a called third strike.

Caught Napping

When a player is picked off because they were not paying attention.


A term used to describe a team that is in last place in their division or league.


When a batter swings at a pitch outside of the strike zone.

Chin Music

A pitch thrown high and inside, making the batter move out of the way.

Choke Up

When a batter holds their hands higher up on the bat’s handle for better control.

Circus Catch

An acrobatic catch made by the fielder on a fly ball, often involving an unorthodox time or slide.

Cleanup Hitter

The fourth batter in a team’s batting order, expected to drive in runs and clear the bases.

Climbing the Ladder

A sequence of pitches involving high-velocity fastballs, with the intention of getting the batter to chase the ball.


A pitcher who enters the game in the ninth and final inning of a close game, seeking to preserve a small lead for their team.


A ground ball hit back to the pitcher.


A pitch that is easy to hit.

Curtain Call

An audience’s response to a player’s performance, causing excitement.

Cutoff Man

A fielder positioned to receive a relay throw from the outfielder after a hit.


When a player records a single, double, triple, and home run all in the same game.

Dead Red

When a batter gets the pitch they were looking for and hits it hard.


A slang term for a home run.


A term for home plate.

Double Play

When a team’s fielders manage to record two outs at one time, often involving catching the ball, tagging a base or a runner, or throwing the ball to a teammate.


When two games are played by the same two opposing teams on the same day.

Ducks on the Pond

When there are runners in scoring position, creating a high-pressure situation for the defense.

Extra Innings

Additional innings played if a game is tied at the end of the ninth inning, with the goal of determining a winner.

Flame Thrower

A pitcher notorious for throwing very hard.

Flashing the


When a player makes a great play, often involving the use of their baseball glove.

Force Play

When a base runner is forced to advance because the batter got hit or the fielder touched the base, preventing a force out.


A slang term for a home run.

Free Baseball

A term used to describe baseball games that enter extra innings.

Frozen Rope

A hard-hit line drive that travels close to the ground.


The area of the outfield between the outfielders, also known as the alley.


A term used to describe a fast pitch.


A spectacular game thrown by a starting pitcher, often resulting in a shutout or no-hitter.

Ghost Runner

Manfred Man, a runner that starts on second base in extra innings.

Golden Sombrero

When a batter strikes out four times in the same game.

Gopher Ball

A pitch that gets hit for a home run.

Grand Slam

A home run hit with runners on all three bases, resulting in four runs.

Hanging a Snowman

When a team scores eight runs in one inning, resembling a snowman with the number eight.


A pitch that is accurate and possesses exceptional speed.

High and Tight

A pitch thrown high up in the strike zone, close to the batter’s body. High Cheese/Cheddar

A pitch thrown high in the zone with major velocity, typically a fastball.


A slang term for the pitcher’s mound. Hitter’s Count

When the strike count has more balls than strikes, creating an advantageous situation for the batter.


When a manager changes pitchers, often involving a motion of hand gesturing for the pitcher to leave.

Hot Corner

Third base, which is often hit to by right-handed batters.

Hot Stove

The offseason period when rumors and speculations about trades and stats are discussed.


The batter scheduled to bat after the on-deck hitter.

Infield Fly Rule

An umpire ruling where an infield pop fly is called out before it is caught, preventing the infielders from dropping the ball to create a force play.


When a pitcher allows many baserunners.


When a batter makes weak contact with the ball, usually resulting from an inside pitch near the handle of the bat.

Junior Circuit

A term used to describe the American League, which is the second of two baseball leagues in the MLB.


Pitches that are thrown at a low speed with great movement.


A hit.

Launch Angle

The angle at which the ball leaves the bat.


A term used to describe a baseball glove.


A pitch that is very easy to hit, often resulting in extra bases.

Moon Shot

When a home run is hit high in the air and travels a great distance.


A slang term for a no-hitter.


A weak ground ball that does not leave the shallow infield.

Offspeed Pitch

A pitch that is slower than a fastball.

On the Screws

When a batter hits the ball very hard, typically on the sweet spot.

Painting the Black

A pitcher throwing a pitch on the corners of the strike zone with great accuracy.


Baseball has a rich vocabulary and terminology, which is an integral part of the game’s culture and history. The glossary above covers some of the most common terms used in baseball, from pitches to plays, positions to positions, and much more.

The article provides a comprehensive understanding of these terms, which are sure to enrich one’s experience of the game of baseball. Whether you are an avid baseball fan or a casual observer, you can use these terms to impress your friends, family, or colleagues with your knowledge of the game.

The article provided a comprehensive glossary of common baseball terms and phrases, covering various aspects of the game, including pitching, hitting, and fielding. By explaining the meanings of these terms, the article helps readers better understand the sport and its culture.

Understanding these terms and phrases can enrich one’s experience of the game and make following baseball more enjoyable.


Q: What is an ace in baseball?

A: An ace is a team’s best starting pitcher who is expected to give them the best chance to win. Q: What is a batter’s box in baseball?

A: The batter’s box is a small rectangular area around home plate where the batter must stand during their at-bat. Q: What is a grand slam in baseball?

A: A grand slam is a type of home run hit with runners on all three bases, resulting in four runs. Q: What is a no-no in baseball?

A: A no-no is a slang term for a no-hitter, which is when a pitcher allows no hits in a full game. Q: How can knowing these terms enhance my enjoyment of baseball?

A: Knowing these terms can help you better understand the game and its culture, making it more enjoyable to follow and discuss with others.

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