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Comparing the Legendary Roger Maris and Aaron Judge: Who Reigns Supreme?

Roger Maris vs. Aaron Judge: Whos The Better Player?

Baseball is a sport that has been woven into the fabric of American culture for over a century, and along the way, there have been players who have etched their names into history. Names like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Joe DiMaggio have become synonymous with the game’s greatness.

Two players who have also left their mark on history are Roger Maris and Aaron Judge. These two players had remarkable seasons in their careers and demanded the spotlight in the biggest market in baseball.

In this article, we will compare Maris and Judge, look at their career stats, delve into their personal bios, and examine the legacy of Roger Maris. Best Single Season Stats:

Homeruns are the mainstay of baseball; it is the one statistic everyone remembers.

Aaron Judge smashed onto the scene in 2017, where he would break the record for a rookie – hitting 52 homeruns. While impressive, Judges record only placed him 12th on the all-time homerun list for one season.

He finished the 2017 season with 128 RBI’s, a .284 batting average, and a slugging percentage of .627. In contrast, Roger Maris had one of the most remarkable seasons in 1961, where he broke Babe Ruth’s nearly four-decade-old record with 61 home runs.

He also had 141 RBIs, a batting average of .269, and a slugging percentage of .620. His record remained untouched for 37 years until Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa had a season-long home run race in 1998.

Career Stats:

When comparing career stats of Maris and Judge, the numbers are not aligned. Maris played a total of 1,273 games, had 4,666 at-bats, 826 runs, 1,325 hits, 2,273 total bases, 212 doubles, 18 triples, and only 1,067 strikeouts.

He attempted to steal 64 times and had 20 successful steals. His career batting average was .260.

In contrast, Judge has played 396 games, had 1,370 at-bats, 295 runs, 348 hits, 698 total bases, 70 doubles, and four triples. He has struck out 529 times and has attempted to steal 29 times with a 24.1% successful rate.

His career batting average is .273. Personal Bios:

Roger Maris was born on September 10, 1934, in Hibbing, Minnesota.

He made his Major League Debut with the Cleveland Indians on April 16, 1957, as a middle infielder. In 1960, he was traded to the New York Yankees, where he played right field and first base.

Maris was a left-handed batter. Aaron James Judge was born on April 26, 1992, in Linden, California.

He made his Major League Debut with the New York Yankees on August 13, 2016, as a right fielder. Judge is six-foot-seven, making him one of the tallest players in baseball.

Judge is a right-handed batter. The Legacy of Roger Maris:

The most significant date in Roger Maris’ legacy is October 1, 1961, when he hit his 61st homerun against the Boston Red Sox.

This broke Babe Ruth’s record of 60 home runs set in 1927. Maris’ accomplishment was not without controversy.

Many people called for an asterisk to be placed next to his record since it took him 162 games to break the record, as opposed to Ruth, who did it in 154 games. Major League Baseball would not put the asterisk on the record, and eventually, the controversy died down.

Another aspect of Maris’ legacy is his humbleness. He was not one to boast or trash talk his opponents.

He let his game do the talking. In contrast, Judge’s demeanor on and off the field is less stoic and reserved.

While he is widely considered the face of the New York Yankees franchise, he has been caught up in issues both on the field and off. Judge has also not been a part of any Yankee teams that have won the World Series, whereas Maris was a part of three championship teams.

The great debate between Roger Maris and Aaron Judge will be one for the ages. Both players had impressive seasons, statistics, and personal stories that make them unique.

Maris’ legacy is an integral part of Yankees history and baseball. His style of playing the game humbly has also garnered admiration from his fans and peers.

Although Judge may continue to break records and have future great seasons, Maris will always hold a special place in baseball history. In summary, this article compared the statistical performances of Aaron Judge and Roger Maris and argued that Maris is the greater player due to his legacy and off-field demeanor.

The main points covered in the article include the comparison of the two players, Maris’ legacy, their career stats, and personal bios. The article emphasized the importance of baseball history and legacy, and how players’ character and demeanor play a significant role in their legacy.

A final thought is that both Maris and Judge are exceptional players and bring unique qualities to the game of baseball.



Who has more homeruns in a single season, Maris or Judge? – Maris holds the record for the most home runs hit in a single season with 61, while Judge hit 52 in his rookie season.

2. What is Maris’ legacy in baseball?

– Maris’ legacy is defined by his 61st homerun, which broke Babe Ruth’s nearly four-decade-old record, and his humble personality on and off the field. 3.

Which Yankee player is more successful in helping the team win championships? – Maris won three championships, while Judge has yet to win any World Series games.

4. What are the career stats of Maris and Judge?

– Maris played 1,273 games, had 4,666 at-bats, 826 runs, 1,325 hits, 2,273 total bases, 212 doubles, 18 triples, and only 1,067 strikeouts. Judge has played 396 games, had 1,370 at-bats, 295 runs, 348 hits, 698 total bases, 70 doubles, and four triples, with 529 strikeouts.

5. Who has a better batting average, Maris or Judge?

– Judge has a higher career batting average at .273, compared to Maris’ .260.

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